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HSK Toolholders



We currently offer the following products and services:

Diebold Goldring Tooling. Specializing in HSK style tooling.

Diebold Motorized Spindles. High Speed and High Performance.

Diebold Shop Equipment. Quality accessories and tools.

Diebold ThermoGrip.  Machines and tooling.

Diebold Presetters. Quality and value in one package.

Diebold Edgefinders. Precision construction and easy operation.

Diebold Assembly Blocks. The original and still the best.

Ott-Jakob Power Drawbars. Also replacement parts.

Stotz Air-Gauging Systems. Innovations in air technology.

Heck Hard-Gauging. Old-World craftsmanship meets high-tech.

Complete power drawbar repair and maintenance service.

Spindle repair and replacement consultation.