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Wohlhaupter Modular Tools

Wohlhaupter Modular Tools

 Modular Tools

      Wohlhaupter-leading manufacturer worldwide of precision tools for the internal machining of bores is continuing its success story with the new precision boring tool.Wohlhaupter provides modular toolmaster shanksboring tool for rogh and finish machiningclamping element ect.

1Digi Bore :



-Digital display facilitates tool setting reducing reject rate
-Automatic balancing –increasing the life of replaceable inserts and proteting machine spindle.
-Max speed 16,000rpm
-Allow universal boring from 3-208mm-unbeaten anywhere in the world



2. Boring tools Combi-Line

Dual working:


      Make it easy on yourself.The dual tool combination enables you to carry out roughing and finish machining in a singke operation. Complete with 2 cutting edges for even the most difficult machining. Twice as fast. Twice as efficient.


Innovative, maximum precision boring operations - for success to the power of two.

-Preliminary and finish machining in one operation

-2 insert holders with specific work distribution by being axially staggered in height

-Perfect arrangement of precision adjustment for the finish-machining cutter

-1 scale division represents a diameter adjustment of 0.01 mm

-Individually adjustable insert holders make this an all-round design

-Precision adjustment leaves the second insert holder unaffected

-Unrivalled with a specially designed and extensive range of replaceable inserts versatile- incl. CBN and ceramic cutting material

-Maximum precision, shortest time of engagement, longest tool lives for your replaceable inserts

3. Boring tools for finish mahining and Aluminum light-weight construction

Basic slides and serrated slides
Ø 500 - 3255 mm     


4Replaceable inserts

      The Wohlhaupter replaceable inserts range: extensive and always up to date